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Reading My Mind

January 21st, 2015

Once upon a time I used to read.  A lot… as in 50+ books a year.  Sometimes more.  Then I had children and could barely stay awake long enough to read Goodnight Moon let alone tackle Tolstoy at 10 p.m.  Now I read magazines…and blogs… and a few books, but not nearly as many as I used to.  A friend of mine once told me that I’d become “magazinal”.  Magazines aren’t nearly as satisfying as books, plus, the collected weight of all those glossies is enough to give you a hernia just taking out the recycling bin.

A Home Library to Call My Own

I always dreamed of a home with a library – or at least a room with fantastic built-ins that would accommodate hundreds, better yet, thousands, of books.

Getting ready to move again, I’m contemplating the new space and what will go where.  At last count I have 42 boxes of books in the basement from the last move – all just waiting to be unpacked, stacked and stored on a new shelf.  Rather than dive into a good book today, I spent time finding inspiration for my new reading nook…

I love the lines on this structure but the goat would be a bit distracting…then I realized that the books were really wallpaper and I felt cheated…


Forget the garage, I’m planning on building this and creating my own secret literary hideaway…

I like this design.  It gives new meaning to reading in bed…

Everything about this space is inspirational…including the amazing tree thing outside. No wonder it’s featured in Architectural Digest…

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

Love the concept but what about the prune factor…?


This makes me want to salvage some bricks from the renovation and spend an afternoon crafting and working on DIY projects…

And this is so delightful that I can envision my new mudroom already…the only problem will be deciding which author/passage/page to use…


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